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The list of ISI and Scopus indexed articles

Danh sách các bài báo khoa học đã được đội ngũ cán bộ Khoa Môi trường công bố trên các tạp chí quốc tế:

Pham Khac Lieu, Ritsuko Hatozaki, Hayato Homan and Kenji Furukawa (2005). Single-stage Nitrogen Removal Using Anammox and Partial Nitritation (SNAP) for Treatment of Synthetic Landfill Leachate. Japanese Journal of Water Treatment Biology, Vol.41, No.2, pp.103-112.

K. Furukawa, P.K. Lieu, H. Tokitoh and T. Fujii (2006). Development of single-stage nitrogen removal using anammox and partial nitritation (SNAP) and its treatment performances. Water Science and Technology, 53(6), 83–90 [SCIE, IF(2015) = 1.197].

Pham Khac Lieu, Hayato Homan, Atsuhiro Kurogi, Yasunori Kawagoshi, Takao Fujii, and Kenji Furukawa (2006). Characterization of sludge from single-stage nitrogen removal using anammox and partial nitritation (SNAP) process. Japanese Journal of Water Treatment Biology, Vol.42, No.2, pp.53-64. 

Hieu Van Duong, Seunghee Han (2011). Benthic transfer and speciation of mercury in wetland sediments downstream from a sewage outfall. Ecological Engineering. 6 (37), 989-993 [SCI – IF(2015)= 2.740]. 

Hyunji Kim, Hieu Van Duong, Eunhee Kim, Byeong-Gweon Lee, Seunghee Han (2012). Effects of phytoplankton cell size and chloride concentration on the bioaccumulation of methylmercury in marine phytoplankton. Environmental Toxicology. 29(8), 936–941. doi: 10.1002/tox.21821 [SCIE – IF(2015)= 2.868]. 

Tuan Van Le, Tsuyoshi Imai, Takaya Higuchi, Ryosuke Doi, Jantima Teeka, Sun Xiaofeng and Mullika Teerakun (2012). Separation of oil-in-water emulsions by microbubble treatment and the effect of adding coagulant or cationic surfactant on removal efficiency. Water Science & Technology, 5 (66), 1036 – 1043 [SCI – IF(2015)= 1.064].

Shenghua Jiang, Cuong Tu Ho, Ji-Hoon Lee, Hieu Van Duong, Seunghee Han, Hor-Gil Hur (2012). Mercury capture into biogenic amorphous selenium nanospheres produced by mercury resistant Shewanella putrefaciens 200. Chemosphere. 6 (87), 621-624 [SCI – IF(2015)= 3.698].

Huy Thanh Vo, Tsuyoshi Imai, Hidenori Yamamoto, Tuan Van Le (2013). Disinfection using pressurized carbon dioxide microbubbles to inactivate Escherichia coli, bacteriophage MS2 and T4, Journal of Water and Environment Technology (Japan). 11( 6), 497 – 505. 

Huy Thanh Vo, Tsuyoshi Imai, Jantima Teeka, Masahiko Sekine, Ariyo Kanno, Tuan Van Le, Takaya Higuchi, Kanthima Phummala, Koichi Yamamoto (2013). Comparison of disinfection effect of pressured gases of CO2, N2O, and N2 on Escherichia coli. Water Research, 47 (13), 4286–4293 [Scopus – IF(2015)= 5.991]. 

Tuan Van Le, Tsuyoshi Imai, Takaya Higuchi, Koichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Sekine, Ryosuke Doi, Huy Thanh Vo, Jie Wei (2013). Performance of tiny microbubbles enhanced with “normal cyclone bubbles” in separation of fine oil-in-water emulsions. Chemical Engineering Science, 94, 1–6[SCI – IF(2015)= 2.750].

Y. Nagano, T. Teraguchi, P. K. Lieu, and H. Furumai (2014). Characterization of water pollution in drainage networks using continuous monitoring data in the Citadel area of Hue City, Vietnam. Water Science & Technology, 70 (4), 612-619 [SCI – IF(2015)= 1.064]. 

Yatnanta Padma Devia, Tsuyoshi Imai, Takaya Higuchi, Ariyo Kanno, Koichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Sekine, Tuan Van Le (2015). Potential of Magnesium Chloride for Nutrient Rejection in Forward Osmosis. Journal of Water Resource and Protection, 7 (2015), 730-740 (IF: 0.8).

Daisuke  Ayukawa , Tsuyoshi  Imai, Tuan Van Le, Ariyo Kanno, Takaya Higuchi, Koichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Sekine (2015). Performance of combined micro- and normal bubbles in separation of fine oil-in-water emulsions from palm oil mill effluent. Journal of Japan Society on Water Environment. 38 (5), 159-166.

Rodrigo Garcia, John Hedley, Hoang C. Tin, Peter Fearns (2015). A method to analyze the potential of optical remote sensing for benthic habitat mapping. Remote Sensing, 7: 13157–13189 [SCIE – IF(2015)= 3.244].

Hoang C. Tin, A. Cole, R. Fotedar, M. O’ Leary (2015). Seasonality and distributions of macro-algae Sargassum beds at Point Peron, Shoalwater Islands Marine Park, Western Australia. Journal of Royal Society of Western Australia, 98: 97–98 [Scopus].

Huy Thanh Vo, Tsuyoshi Imai, Truc Thanh Ho, Thanh-Loc Thi Dang, Son Anh Hoang. (2015). Potential application of high pressure carbon dioxide in treated wastewater and water disinfection: Recent overview and further trends. Journal of Environmental Sciences, Vol. 36, 38-47 [SCIE – IF(2015)= 2.208].

Hoang C. Tin, Mick O’Leary, Ravi Fotedar, Rodrigo Garcia (2015). Spectral response of marine submerged aquatic vegetation: A case study in Western Australia coast. OCEAN’S 15 MTS/IEEE, doi: 10.23919/OCEANS.2015.7404388[Scopus].

Hoang C. Tin, Michael J. O’Leary, Ravi Fotedar (2015), Remote-sensed mapping of Sargassum spp. distribution around Rottnest Island, Western Australia using high spatial resolution WorldView-2 satellite data. Journal of Coastal Research, 32(6): 1310–1321. doi: 10.2112/jcoastres-d-15-00077.1 [SCI – IF(2015)= 0.852].

Tin C. Hoang, Anthony J. Cole, Ravi K. Fotedar, Michael J. O’Leary, Michael W. Lomas, Shovonlal Roy (2016). Seasonal changes in water quality and Sargassum biomass in southwest Australia. Marine Ecology Progress Series 551: 63-79. doi: 10.3354/meps11735 [SCIE – IF(2015)= 2.361] 

Tin, H.C., Garcia, R., O’Leary, M., Fotedar, R. (2016), Identification and mapping of marine submerged aquatic vegetation in shallow coastal waters with WorldView-2 satellite data. Journal of Coastal Research, 75(2): 1287−1291. doi: 10.2112/SI75-258.1. [SCI – IF(2015)= 0.852]. 

T.-L. T. Dang · T. Imai · Tuan V. Le · H. T. Vo · T. Higuchi ·K. Yamamoto · A. Kanno · M. Sekine (2016). Disinfection effect of pressurized carbon dioxide on Escherichia coli and Enterococcus petroleum in seawater, Jun 2016· Water Science & Technology Water Supply - ws2016086, DOI: 10.2166/ws.2016.086. [SCIE – IF(2015)= 0.532].

Thanh-Loc T Dang, Tsuyoshi Imai, Tuan V Le, Diem-Mai K Nguyen, Takaya Higuchi, Ariyo Kanno, Koichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Sekine (2016). Synergistic effect of pressurized carbon dioxide and sodium hypochlorite on the inactivation of Enterococcus sp. in seawater. Water Research, Vol. 106, 204-213[Scopus – IF(2015)= 5.991].

Loc T. T. Dang, Tsuyoshi Imai, Tuan V. Le, Satoshi Nishihara, Takaya Higuchi, Mai K. D. Nguyen, Ariyo Kanno, Koichi Yamamoto & Masahiko Sekine (2016). Effects of pressure and pressure cycling on disinfection of Enterococcussp. in seawater using pressurized carbon dioxide with different content rates, Journal of Environmental Science and Health : Part A, doi: 10.1080/10934529.2016.1191309 [SCIE – IF(2015)= 1.16]. 

T. N. Q. Anh, H. Harada, S. Fujii, P. N. Anh, P. K. Lieu and S. Tanaka (2016). Preliminary analysis of phosphorus flow in Hue Citadel. Water Science & Technology, 73 (1), 69-77 [SCI – IF(2015)= 1.197].

Diem-Mai Kim Nguyen, Tsuyoshi Imai, Thanh-Loc Thi Dang, Ariyo Kanno, Takaya Higuchi, Koichi Yamamoto, Masahiko Sekine. (2017). Response surface method for modeling the removal of carbon dioxide from a simulated gas using water absorption enhanced with a liquid-film-forming device. Journal of Environmental Sciences, doi: 10.1016/j.jes.2017.03.026 [SCI – IF(2015) = 2.699] .

Ryuichi Watanabe, Hidenori Harada, Hidenari Yasui, Tuan Van Le, Shigeo Fujii (2019), Exfiltration and infiltration effect on sewage flow and quality: a case study of Hue, Vietnam, Journal Environmental Technology, doi: 10.1080/09593330.2019.1680739 [SCIE, IF(2017)=1.918].

Viet Hoang Nguyen, Hidenori Harada, Tuan Le Van, Thi Ha Nguyen, Xuan Hai Nguyen, Mitsuharu Terashima, Hidenari Yasui (2019), Dynamic Estimation of Hourly Fluctuation of Influent Biodegradable Carbonaceous and Nitrogenous Materials Using Activated Sludge System, Journal of Water and Environment Technology, 17(1) 40-53. [IF(2017)=0.79]

Hoang C. Tin, Trần N.K. Ni, Le V. Tuan, Izuru Saizen, Robert Catherman (2019), Spatial and temporal variability of mangrove ecosystems in the Cu Lao Cham-Hoi An Biosphere Reserve, Vietnam. Regional Studies in Marine Science, 27:100550 [SCIE - IF(2017)=1.152]. 

Nguyen Quang Tuan, Hoang Cong Tin*, Luong Quang Doc, Tran Anh Tuan (2017), Historical Monitoring of Shoreline Changes in the Cua Dai Estuary, Central Vietnam Using Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data, Geosciences Journal, Vol 7 (3): 72. doi:10.3390/geosciences7030072 [ESCI & Scopus].

Hoang C. Tin, Nguyen T. Uyen, Duong V. Hieu, Tran N. K. Ni, Nguyen H. C. Tu, Izuru Saizen (2019). Decadal dynamics and challenges for seagrass beds management in Cu Lao Cham Marine Protected Area, Central Vietnam, Environment, Development and Sustainability [SCIE, IF(2017)=1.64].

Milica Stojanovic, Margarida L.R. Liberato, Rogert Sorí, Marta Vázquez, Tan Phan-Van, Hieu Duongvan, Tin Hoang Cong, Phuong N. B. Nguyen, Raquel Nieto and Luis Gimeno (2020), Trends and Extremes of Drought Episodes in Vietnam Sub-Regions during 1980–2017 at Different Timescales, Water Journal, 12(3), 813; [SCIE, IF(2017)=2.52].

Tran Ngoc Khanh-Ni, Tin Hoang Cong*, Vo Trong Thach, Cédric Jamet, Izuru Saizen (2020), Mapping submerged aquatic vegetation along the central Vietnamese coast using multi-source remote sensing. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 9(6), 395; doi: 10.3390/ijgi9060395 [SCIE, Q1, IF(2017)=2.239]


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