Admission: Applicants who registered for the national examination in A-group (with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects) and B-group (with Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology subjects). Presently, the admission changes from academic year to years according to the Ministry of Education and Training’s policy. Please contact our Department for the latest admission requirement.

Program curriculum: 121 credits in 4 years (8 semesters).

In the first six semesters, students study the general education subjects, basic science subjects and environment-oriented subjects; in the 7th semester, students enrol in 3 separate majors including division of environmental management, environmental ecology and environmental engineering; and in the final semester, students do their graduation thesis (for those who meet the required criteria) or takes coursework to accumulate enough credits.

Enrolment: The annual number of undergraduate students enrol in the Department is approximately 50 students on average.