Research Areas

    Over the past 15 years, the Faculty staff have been participating and leading a numerous research projects at difference management level such as University, Ministerial and National Program. The Faculty staff have also involved into many consultative projects, environmental impact assessment projects which services for development requirements, environmental protect projects in the coastal central provinces such as Thua Thien Hue, Quang Tri and Quang Nam provinces. Throughout these research and consultancy activities, it had revealed that the development and perspiration of the Department in natural resources science and technology in the central provinces of Vietnam.

    The Facultie’s students have not only well performing in study but also keen in scientific research. Many students had received many prestigated awards for their study findings such as the National Scientific Research Awards for University Students, Green-Invention Prize funded by Sony Limited Company, Innovation Ideas for Life, etc.

    Overall research topics

    - Climate change adaption

    - Development of water supply and waste water treatment systems.

    - Natural resources and environment management.

    - Applied GIS, Remote sensing and environmental modelling.

    - Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity

    - Regional and local sustainable development studies.

    Specific research topics

    - Monitoring and modelling water quality of rivers, lakes, ponds, lagoons and underground water.

    - Wastewater treatment by bio-filters.

    - Nitrogen removal from wastewater using processes based on anammox

    - Bio-indicators for water quality of water bodies.

    - Greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable eco-tourism.

    - Application of GIS and remote sensing in spatial analysis and environment monitoring.

    - Role of non-specific materials on waste management at Hue City.

    Research projects (2000 - 2011)

    - 01 national research project.

    - 02 sub-projects of the national research project.

    - 06 the Ministerial level projects.

    - 15 university sponsored research project

    - 04 international collaboration projects

    - Many consultancy contracts.

    Environmental education programs

    - Preparing text-book, teaching materials for new subjects, teaching areas (undergraduate and graduates).

    - Building online referencing database for several specific subjects.

    - Organizing and participating on environment rising awareness programs, including climate changes training.