International Seminar on Water, Food and Health Risk in Asia

From 25 to 28 September 2017, the international seminar on water, food and health risk in Asia was held in framework of the cooperation program between Faculty of Environmental Science, University of Sciences–Hue University (HU–University of Sciences) and Yamagata University, Japan. With the attendance of Prof. Toru Watanabe, Yamagata University, Dr. Duong Van Hieu, Dean of Faculty of Environmental Science, HU–University of Sciences, and other lectures from the Faculty. 13 outstanding students from Yamagata University and 12 students from HU – University of Sciences was selected to join in the seminar.

On 25th September, the students attended the introduction presentations on the overview of Faculty of Environmental Science and HU-University of Sciences as well as studies related to environmental science, especially Hue’s water environment condition which were presented by Dr. Duong Van Hieu and Dr. Le Van Tuan, Deputy-Dean of Faculty of Environmental Science. Following is the introduction on Yamagata University and researches related to agriculture by Prof. Toru Watanabe.

On 26th September, the groups carried out field surveys according to the suggested topics such as: Food hygiene and safety in the drinking stalls: source, transport and use of ice; Water use in local market: source and use of water in food washing, cleaning, etc.; Food hygiene and safety in the food stalls: source, process of food; Safe vegetable production: application of VIETGAP model in safe vegetable production; and Awareness of local people about food hygiene and safety: a habit of using fermented sauces in daily meal.

On 27th September, the groups went on an excursion on Huong River (Perfume River) after listened to the overview presentation of Huong River system by Dr. Hoang Cong Tin, Lecturer of Faculty of Environmental Science. The groups presented to the seminar about the results of their field surveying on 28th September. The atmosphere of the seminar was lively and openly.

Even though the limited time, through the seminar, these participated students had learned lots of new knowledge and skills. Simultaneously, students of both Universities had a chance to practice English communication, preparation and presentation a scientific report. Students from both universities had precious exchange and study experiences in order to create the premise for the durable cooperation on education and research between HU-University of Sciences and Yamagata University, Japan.

Group photo

Field trip group photo (photo: P.V.Dung)