International Cooperation

The Faculty of Environmental Science has built cooperation relationships with a number of oversea academic partners such as:

- Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Kumamoto University (Japan)

- Department of Urban Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Japan)

- Graduate School of Global Studies, Kyoto University (Japan)

- Solid Waste Management Research Centre, Okayama University (Japan)

- Yamagata University (Japan)

- National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan)

- Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht (Netherland)

- Institutional University Cooperation programme (IUC) VLIR-UOS (Belgium)

- Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand)


The exchange trips between lecturers of the Faculty and the partners as well as the joint-research projects have been carried out.

Since 2000, the Faculty has gained some remarkable achievements thanks to not only the own effort but also the leadership and the support from University of Sciences and Hue University as well as the cooperation of the internal and external units and individuals of Hue University.